Restore Balance Oregon


In the 2020 elections in Oregon, public employee unions spent over $8 million and virtually all of it went to Democrats, and that doesn't count the countless hours of in-kind efforts produced by union members, eager to help left-wing candidates and causes. Environmental Political Action committees, Health Care interest groups and other left-wing causes donate heavily to Democrats. The business lobby usually splits about 60-40% for the party in power and that, again, is the Democrats.

Despite this, and the power their incumbency creates, Oregon Senate Republicans narrowly missed picking up a seat and Oregon House Republicans picked up one seat in a high-turnout, presidential year election, in which Democrats are expected to out-perform Republicans. The Oregon Republican Party seems often distracted and focused on national politics and other priorities that aren't helping focus efforts here in Oregon, where we need to focus.

We believe we can make a gradual, but effective difference in the power structure in Oregon, but we have to play smart, we have to play lean, and we don't have time for internal battles and chasing after rainbows or Washington, DC politics. We don't have time to taunt Nancy Pelosi, or spread stories about how George Soros is plotting to ruin America. You can do that if you want, but we want people who can be focused on our state, our home, right here in Oregon, where we can make a difference.

What we need is people who are willing to put in a bit of effort for the two years up to election time, and then put in a very focused amount of effort in September and October of 2022 to help make a difference in a very few races. We need a little bit of money, but we can raise that gradually through grass-roots efforts, and small contrubtions from people like you. We don't have any overhead, so every cent we raise goes to support our efforts.

The plan is that in late summer of 2022 we will identify one, maybe two races are in striking distance of winning -- you may remember an Oregon House seat that was lost by just over 100 votes and an Oregon Senate seat that was lost by about 500 votes in 2020 -- and put all the chips on those seats. It might not be your Representative or your Senator, but whoever it is -- or whoever they lose to -- will be making laws for you and your family. They will be voting to tax you, or to reduce your taxes. They will be voting to take your guns, or preserve your 2nd Amendment rights, they will be voting to expand abortion rights or protect life -- even if they're not doing it from your district.